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Escape - Country Of The Blind From-1948 Writer-H.G. Wells Host & stars-William Conrad, Paul Frees, Berry Kroger, Peggy Webber,  Herbert Wilms & Byron Kane A mountain guide finds a hidden valley where the people don't have eyes. However, the blind think that he is the deformity.  Zebarra is a mining engineer in Ecuador near the towering Andes. Up until a year ago his chief sport was mountaineering. His last climb was an attempt to climb the remote and forbidding peak of Parascotopetl, the 20,000-foot crag unconquered by man. It is unconquered still. 3,000 feet from the icy summit his party turned back and fled for their lives all escaping except for one, a guide named Nunez who slipped and fell over the precipice disappearing in to the vast chasm which yearned 10,000-feet beneath them. The horror of him falling has haunted Zebarra’s dreams for years and because of it he has forsaken climbing for the rest of his life, even though today he has seen Nunez...

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