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Welcome to The Men’s Room!

A podcast about all things, you guessed it, men. Masculinity, addiction, mental health, fatherhood, nothing is off limits here. Let's get talking.

Join Ade Oladipo, Rory Jennings and a whole bunch of guests every Monday in the Men's Room!

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Listen to the last episode:

In this episode of The Men's Room Podcast Ade and Rory are joined by the wonderful Toby Peacock. Toby is an electrician and podcaster who set up his own podcast to raise awareness of mental health within the trade industry. It's time to break down stigmas and get talking...

If you or anyone else is struggling with their mental health reach out and get help:

You can also check out Toby's podcast Tearoom Talks here.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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