Laura Anglade - June's a Word

June's a Word

Laura Anglade 23 hours ago
Malene Mortensen - You and I

You and I

Malene Mortensen 23 hours ago
Club des Belugas - No More Blues

No More Blues

Club des Belugas 23 hours ago
Janet Orsi - How Insensitive

How Insensitive

Janet Orsi 23 hours ago
Lana Janjanin - Talking 'Bout the Weather

Talking 'Bout the Weather

Lana Janjanin 23 hours ago
Basia - Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box

Basia 23 hours ago
Julie Kelly - High In the Sky

High In the Sky

Julie Kelly 23 hours ago
Anne Phillips - Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night

Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night

Anne Phillips 23 hours ago
Jacqui Sutton - Risk


Jacqui Sutton 23 hours ago
Miriam Aïda - Världen Som Var Min

Världen Som Var Min

Miriam Aïda 23 hours ago
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Virginiamusic online

Just music, female voices only
Categories:  Jazz

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Toronto: Online

Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro - Cute

2. Michele Santo - Alone Together

3. Hilary Gardner - The Great City

4. Annie Lalalove - Sign

5. Samara Joy - Sweet Pumpkin (feat. Pasquale Grasso)

6. Anne Bisson - I Wake up (The Nightmare)

7. Miriam Aïda - Four Women

8. Angelina Jordan - Love Don't Let Me Go

9. Michele Santo - That's All

10. Amanda Ginsburg - Havsmelodi (Radio Edit)

Last 30 days:

1. Naama - Oh! You Crazy Moon

2. Amanda Ginsburg - Havsmelodi (Radio Edit)

3. Marie Mørck - On My Way to Nowhere

4. Elizabeth Shepherd - Guests

5. Hetty Kate - Please Don't Bug Me

6. Mary Foster Conklin - Just for Now

7. Jo Lawry - Traveling Light (feat. Linda May Han Oh & Allison Miller)

8. Gunhild Carling - How High the Moon (feat. Nanna Carling, Gunhild Carling, Petronella Carling, Linnea Carling, Elias Larsson, Alexander Liljeberg)

9. Jessica Medina - Locura

10. Robin McKelle - Taking a Chance on Love





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