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Welcome to the Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast where you get Real advice from Real Doctors to help you lose weight and revolutionise your health not just now but permanently. You can change your future, starting now. 

Imagine if everything you had been told about weight loss was wrong. 

We are here to bust through some myths and give you actionable advice. Real Health and weight loss is a journey and we, your hosts Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns from Real Life Medicine are here with you every step of the way. 

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You have heard us say time and time again that many people have the knowledge but implementing that knowledge is the sticking point. This is all about understanding how your mind works. It is only you know the stories in your head and the thought processes that lead to those stories, can you truly change the way you think and the behaviour that follows Join Dr Lucy as she chats with mindset expert and coach Michelle Johnson. Michelle is an impressive woman and has achieved an enormous amount through the balance of calm focussed thinking. You can connect with her here Extra show notes & episode transcript See for privacy information.

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