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Majik Kids produces Magical Audio Stories for your Magical Kids. Our stories bring all the fun of story time, without the screen time (100% imagination, 0% screens). Our Audio Stories, Illustrated Books, Meditations & Learning Activities are made to Inspire your Kids’ Imagination, Creativity, Curiousity & Joy Sparkle. Check out all our stories, books and App at Thanks for listening and leave a review if you love what we do.

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For the last six years, our family has had a magical little secret about a special someone who has been living with us. Today, we are excited, nervous and proud to introduce you and your family to this magical, special someone -- who will share some of the stories from their 497 years of walking this Planet. We hope you enjoy this week's Storytime with Gnomey.

If your kids enjoy this interview-style conversation, then have them send their questions for Gnomey to answer next week!

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