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Jampala ramesh

This podcast about, chandamamkathalu, neethikathalu, in Telugu We were all exposed to various stories as children. Additionally, when Chandamama's book first appeared, readers read the stories and looked at the figures in it with interest. However, today's youth are unaware of the existence of Chandamama's tales and moral tales. aside from cartoon networks, how long. You can hear children's stories in this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please donate me Support this podcast:

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This is a story about a wise man who catches four thieves. In a quiet town plagued by thefts and deceit, the wise man, known for his sharp intellect and keen observation skills, takes it upon himself to solve the mystery. With his wisdom and cunning strategies, he outsmarts the cunning thieves one by one, bringing them to justice. Through this gripping tale, the story explores the power of intellect, righteousness, and justice, proving that wisdom can triumph over deceit." --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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