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Rajesh Kumar

If you want to improve your Hindi language, then you must listen Hindi stories. Our podcasts have funny stories which include general Hindi story, moral stories and children's stories. Sometimes we also conduct Hindi interviews on our shows. You can learn a lot by listening to them. You can listen to our podcast on different platforms to improve your Hindi language यहाँ पर आपको हिन्दी कहानियाँ मिलेंगी। Support this podcast with a small monthly donation to help sustain future episodes. paypal.me/discoveryofrajasthan For business inquiries rajasikar11@gmail.com

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नमस्कार श्रोताओं आज की पॉडकास्ट हम उन बच्चों के लिए लेकर आए हैं जो 11th पास करके 12th में आ चुके हैं, और साइंस स्ट्रीम से है। तो उनके लिए आगे कैरियर के क्या क्या ऑप्शन है ? किस तरह से उनको तैयारी करनी चाहिए ताकि वह अपने लक्ष्य में सफल हो सके। तो आइए सुनते हैं आज की पॉडकास्ट में इन सारी बातों को। आप श्रोताओं से पॉडकास्ट का फीडबैक भी जानना चाहेंगे तो आप अपना फीडबैक हमें जरूर भेजें धन्यवाद।

Hello listeners, we have brought today's podcast for those children who have passed 11th and have come to 12th, and are from science stream. So what are the career options ahead for them? How should he prepare so that he can succeed in his goal? So let's listen to all these things in today's podcast. If you would also like to know the feedback of the podcast from the listeners, then you must send your feedback to us. Thank you

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