The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma

The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma

Welcome to the Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma where you’ll receive the mental models, daily routines, and productivity tactics that Robin Sharma has taught to the titans of industry, sports superstars, and elite performers who he has served as a private mentor to for over 31 years. You'll learn how to live a truly world-class life while you accelerate your productivity, grow your leadership, build your business, and scale your impact on the world. 

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When you present your brilliance to the world you do your part to make the world more brilliant.So, remember who you’re here to serve. Know who puts food on the family table and obsess upon the human beings who love what you do. And then go all in for them.Give your heart and soul—via the mastery of your craft—for them. Underpromise and overdeliver for them. Respect them, encourage them, appreciate them and honor them. Their reply will be a lifetime of loyalty. And rewards you simply cannot p...

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