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Technology today has created a complex ecosystem of man, machine and software that has transformed our every aspect of modern life –how we work, what we consume and how we travel, how we watch movies, eat, shop and its even affecting relationships among people. And how will this technology reshape our tomorrow ? Its time to keep up with technology!! Have technological buzz words like Artificial intelligence, machine learning ,robotic process automation , blockchain and cryptocurrencies felt too complex to understand ? its time to keep us with technology ! Find out with Reema Tendulkar as she keeps up technology, decodes these complex terms, understands how industries are getting disrupted by these technologies, and CXOs are formulating their AI strategy to usher in the digital transformation

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While the current manifestation of work from home is an outcome of social distancing due to the COVID-19, organizations are reimagining the nature of work, pivoting their workforce, collaborating using intelligent technologies.

This week, presents a special Tech@Work podcast, where host Megha Vishwanath discusses the Device as a Service subscription-based model by Lenovo and how this is offering a modern approach to a changing world with Rohit Midha, Director – Services Sales, Lenovo India. The duo decodes how DAAS by Lenovo looks to simplify, accelerate, and transform our workplaces while also highlighting the larger goals for DAAS to drive growth and help users through their digital transformation journey.

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