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Niche Pursuits Podcast: Find Your Next "Niche" Business Idea! by Spencer Haws:

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Spencer Haws from discusses business ideas that actually work. Learn how to build niche websites, market your website through search engine optimization, and much more. In addition, you'll get interviews with leading internet entrepreneurs that provide insight on: authority sites, flipping sites, using Google Adsense, outsourcing, automation tools, linkbuilding, building a real business, software development, creating iPhone Apps, lifestyle business, small business tips, and more. Overall, get your dose of motivation to move forward with your niche business ideas or take your small business to the next level!

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In this awesome episode of the Niche Pursuits podcast, Jim Campbell shares with host Jared his strategies for growing a successful brand in the honeymoon industry.

With a background in entrepreneurship and marketing, Jim saw an opportunity in the market and started in 2019 right before Covid hit!

And despite the impacts of Covid on the travel niche, Jim remained bullish and continued creating valuable content and building authority for the website throughout the pandemic.

He used templates to provide destination and resort recommendations, ensuring that honeymooners had tailored information at their fingertips. To help with content creation, Jim hired writers who were carefully vetted for quality research and information.

The investment finally paid off when travel restrictions eased and people started booking honeymoons again.

Jim monetizes the website primarily through affiliate revenue, partnering with travel agencies and resorts to earn commissions from bookings.

Jim emphasizes the importance of sales and understanding customer preferences to drive conversions and revenue. The travel industry, particularly for honeymoons, relies heavily on bookings and partnerships. Jim has found success with affiliate programs like Expedia and, as well as TripAdvisor's program on Commission Junction.

He also sees potential in direct advertising with resorts.

While the Amazon affiliate model doesn't work well for the travel industry, Jim believes that analyzing customer buying patterns and adjusting content accordingly can improve conversion rates. Building a legitimate business with a reputable brand helps establish authority and gain valuable backlinks.

And as a result, he recently acquired the site, expanding his portfolio in the niche with plans to build a larger website with such a premium domain.

Jim plans to keep the brands separate for now and aims to expand monetization with a booking engine on the site.

He acknowledges the potential threat of AI writing but believes that the human touch and expertise are still crucial in creating high-quality content.

Jim also highlights the importance of secondary strategies like social media, particularly Pinterest, video content, and author expertise for improving the website.

His ultimate goal is to create a more established business and explore opportunities such as a travel agency and YouTube channel.

Jim's story is the quintessential Niche Pursuit and and his strategies are highly valuable for any niche site owner to take notes on!

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