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Prof. Omkumar Krishnan is a Ph.D. & MPhil from IIT, Bombay. He specializes in the area of qualitative and quantitative marketing research. At IIMK, he takes courses on Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research, Relationship Marketing, and Marketing of Services. He is currently the Area Chair of Marketing Management and is Chairperson Student Affairs. His social undertakings as Chairperson of Alumni received many accolades  

Prof. Omkumar is being interviewed by IIM Kozhikode alumna, Nisha, who has more than a decades  experience in providing IT solutions to clients from industries spanning from banks, medical devices, real estate, legal and retail.  After her Executive MBA from IIMK where she was also a gold medalist,  she started a management consulting firm, Consoul Associates.

You can watch the episode at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWlDaIVcPxQ

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