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Passover starts in Israel, it has been rumored the Red Heifer Ceremony could happen between today and Pentecost. Israeli Police have arrested several people attempting to bring lambs to the Temple Mount for Passover Sacrifice. The war continues in the region and new threats arise in the West Bank. We will discuss these events and more on this episode of The Endtime Show.  --------------- 📚: Check out Jerusalem Prophecy College Online for less than $60 per course: 📱: It’s never been easier to understand. Stream Endtime+ and access exclusive content:  🏥: Try Hope Health Share, an affordable, alternative solution: ☎️: Stay connected even when cellular is down. Try Satellite Phone Store today: ☕️: First Cup Coffee: use code ENDTIME to get 10% off: ⭐️: Birch Gold: Claim your free info kit on gold: 🥩: Back Yard Butchers: Save an extra 20% off your entire order (use code “ENDTIME”): 🍴Ready Pantry: and save an extra 10% off your entire order + FREE shipping on all orders (use code “ENDTIME”). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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