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I have a dream to inspire, enlighten, and entertain the Malayalees all over the world so that we can all build together, a better future for Kerala and the world. By providing you with inspiring stories of role models, positive contributors of the society, and also from the latest technologies, that could change our future for the better, I hope to make every Malayalee to dream and work for a better Kerala and Mother Earth. This is a podcast in Malayalam. Please join the movement if you believe in the same things as I do.

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In this Malayalam podcast, I am chatting with none other than - Kannan Gopinathan. Kannan does not need any introduction for the Malayaleees. Firstly, he is the icon for the fearless youth of modern India. In other words, Kannan epitomises the generation of India that is not afraid to question the government. Most importantly, he questions the authority for the rights of common man. Hope you will love the chat with Kannan in this exclusive Malayalam Podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him.

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