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I have a dream to inspire, enlighten, and entertain the Malayalees all over the world so that we can all build together, a better future for Kerala and the world. By providing you with inspiring stories of role models, positive contributors of the society, and also from the latest technologies, that could change our future for the better, I hope to make every Malayalee to dream and work for a better Kerala and Mother Earth. This is a podcast in Malayalam. Please join the movement if you believe in the same things as I do.

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Welcome to the 2nd episode (Season 2) of Dream Malayalam Podcast.

Join me for a well-informed conversation with Jayakrishnan, a prominent torchbearer of Kerala's mural art and painting heritage. Not only is he a well-known Kerala Mural artist, but he has also transformed arecanut husk into mesmerizing works of art.

Jayakrishnan's artistic journey takes us through the picturesque landscapes of rural Kerala. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, his art beautifully reflects the splendor of nature and encourages us to contemplate our own connection to the world around us. Get ready to be transported into a mindful realm through his evocative pieces.

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