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Devdutt Pattanaik

Mythology is often categorized as a passé and an uncool subject. The younger audiences in India consume a very large amount of content on a regular basis, but mythological content is definitely not their go to choice. The thought for this podcast stems exactly from here. The Devdutt Pattanaik Show on Radio Mirchi will be aimed at making mythology the buzz word for young listeners. Pattanaik is here to make mythology more relatable, affable and cooler for the younger audiences. The show is crafted around issues & subjects that apply to our daily lives by integrating startling and interesting stories from mythology to address them. The master storyteller, Devdutt Pattanaik, has revolutionized the way we look at mythology today. With over 50 published books, he is the quintessential name in the space of decoding mythology and making the content consumer-friendly. Within the format of storytelling, Pattanaik, manages to grip the audience by sharing remarkable facts about Indian mythology and connecting it our day-to-day lives. He deep dives into topics such as dance, sexuality, sports, marriage, nepotism, children, the legal system, relationships, gender etc. Catch him in a new avatar that hasn’t been explored before. Pattanaik makes his debut on radio as a storyteller to make mythology super fun!

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If you think that we have left the time of saints and sages behind us, this episode of the Devdutt Pattanaik Show will make you think again. Do ‘Rishis’ still exist, even after thousands of years? The recurring image of a ‘Rishi’ in our scriptures as a temperamental love hater is so famous, it can be turned into a potential meme, but how true is this image? Rishis grant boons, Rishis give curses..but what do they really mean? This episode of The Devdutt Pattanaik Show podcast gives you all the sage advice that you need!

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