Nanna Thamma Shankara (kannada)

Nanna Thamma Shankara (kannada) by RJ Nethra

RJ Nethra

Sunethra Nagaraaj, popularly known as RJ Nethra on Radio. A “4 time- National Award Winning Radio Jockey” and “Actor” has been associated with the elusive Radio Industry for over 10 years now and is a household name. Having had a tantalizing voice, she shot to fame almost instantly in 2008 when she started hosting Radio and TV Shows. She currently hosts a show called “Star Express” on RadioCity 91.1 between 11-2pm. Also in her kitty, are awards from the “Indian Radio Forum” for Excellence in Radio! “BEST KANNADA RJ OF THE YEAR 2010” “BEST KANNADA SHOW OF THE YEAR 2010”. “BEST KANNADA RJ OF THE YEAR 2012” “BEST KANNADA RJ OF THE YEAR 2019” Apart from Radio, Sunethra’s had a memorable stint on Television’s Biggest Reality Show Bigg Boss-3 Kannada in 2015. She's also well remembered for her roles in movies like Aatagara, Ring Road, 6ne Maili and her latest being "Talaq Talaq Talaq"

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