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Resource Positive Agriculture describes what we all want: a system for producing food and fiber that responsibly uses the gifts provided by the natural world. In this podcast, host John Mesko explores how agriculture can be a force for good – on everything from the environment to the people.

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In this podcast episode, host John Mesko interviews Jolyn Rasmussen, the global agronomy services senior manager for J.R. Simplot and chair of PSA’s board of directors. They discuss the importance of PSA as a pre-competitive alliance in the potato industry and how it helps facilitate conversations around sustainability. Jolyn emphasizes the need for the industry to work together on sustainability rather than competing with each other. They also discuss the importance of having diverse perspectives at the table, including processors, NGOs, and allied industries, to address regional issues and drive sustainability progress. Jolyn also addresses the future of sustainability in the potato industry, including reporting metrics, gaining credibility and visibility, and the potential for expanding PSA's impact.

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