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Punjabi Podcast is an entertainment and music podcast hosted by Sangtar. Weekly episodes are uploaded on Friday. In this Podcast Sangtar interviews Punjabi Singers, writers, authors, actors and other well known personalities. The conversations are entertaining, nostalgic and gripping. And, there is always something new to learn.

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Sanwal Dhami - SantaliNama (73) - Punjabi Podcast with Sangtar
Released March 10, 2023
Sanwal Dhami is a Punjabi writer and educator from Singriwala, Hoshiarpur. However his life's work is collecting stories of Punjab's division in 1947. So far he has interviewed more than one thousand survivors. Over 700 interviews are available on his YouTube channel (SantaliNama) at:
In this podcast Sangtar and Sanwal Dhami discuss various subject related to this difficult time in Punjab's history.
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