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Welcome to Music Club FM, it's a Podcast/Playlist.....Playcast? all about Music Discovery. Think late-night radio for a YouTube generation. For those that don't know me, my name is Jack Webb, I make YouTube videos all about Music, from new albums to be excited about, to acts playing Music Festivals, and some forgotten gems. This new series will be a blend of a weekly podcast and an updated playlist, allowing you to listen along with the commentary. It's pretty out there as an Ida, but it's one I've been conjuring up for years. @tequilaphace / if you wanna say h

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welcome to the very first Episode Of Music Club FM! In this episode we will cover all three of the main stage headlines, a new album I’m excited about, and one I’m already obsessed with. And we’ll discover 4 new artists in the WTF segment. @tequilaphace on socials, feel free to get in touch - love Jack

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