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Idhayathin Kural - A Feel Good Tamil Podcast ☺️ by Naveen Vigneshwar

Naveen Vigneshwar

A friend in need is a friend indeed :). Idhayathin kural will be your friend that consoles you when you are sad, lifts you up when you are feeling low and makes you smile even on your worst days!!! Should I even say more?! Start listening and start smiling right away :))) Remember, you look more pretty when you smile ;) -- Instagram - -- Email - -- Donate and Support -

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When one problem ends, another problem would easily arise :(. When the newer problem ends, one more additional problem would arise :'(. Has this been the template of your life?! Then you are at the right place :).

So, why is that life keeps throwing newer problems at us?! Why is that problems tend to like us more?! Why on Earth is life sooo challenging at times?! :'( Hit play for a much needed dose of Positivity :)))

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