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Naveen Vigneshwar

A friend in need is a friend indeed :). Idhayathin kural will be your friend that consoles you when you are sad, lifts you up when you are feeling low and makes you smile even on your worst days!!! Should I even say more?! Start listening and start smiling right away :))) Remember, you look more pretty when you smile ;) -- Instagram - -- Email - -- Donate and Support -

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Ending a relationship is very easy, but building it is the hardest thing. People now-a-days tend to quit something so easily. But for all the efforts we have put, for all the time we have spent, for all the sacrifices we have made, shouldn't we hold on to something dear to us for a little more longer?!

In this episode, I talk about a simple life experience which made me realize that we need to end/quit something when it goes wrong, instead we can find other ways to make it work :). Hit play as I share my beautiful insights in this love based episode :)


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