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This Week in Tech is the top-ranked flagship tech podcast from Every Sunday, Leo Laporte and a roundtable of insiders explore the week's hottest tech news from AI to robots, and PCs to privacy. When it comes to tech, TWiT is IT. Records live every Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern / 2:15pm Pacific / 22:15 UTC.

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  • How Exactly NVIDIA Is Pulling This Off
  • Google takes down Gemini AI image generator. Here's what you need to know
  • AT&T restores service after hours of outage
  • AT&T is giving customers a bill credit following massive outage
  • Police arrest LockBit ransomware members, release decryptor in global crackdown
  • Walmart agrees to buy Vizio to grow ad business
  • Walmart isn't buying Vizio for its hardware. It wants the TV maker's ad business
  • Wyze sent camera thumbnails from 13,000 systems to other users
  • Reddit files to list IPO on NYSE under the ticker RDDT
  • KeyTrap' DNS Bug Threatens Widespread Internet Outages
  • Microsoft fixes Edge browser bug that was stealing Chrome tabs and data
  • SpaceX May Be Withholding Satellite Internet in Taiwan, Congressman Contends
  • FTC cracks down on H&R Block for deleting tax data when users want to downgrade
  • 3rd Time's a Charm — Lunar Library Successfully Lands on the Moon — Backup of Human Civilization Will Last for Up To Billions of Years.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Janko Roettgers, Mike Elgan, and Alex Kantrowitz

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