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D K Bhargav Achary

Hello friends, Welcome to BigGyaan, the first podcast in Odia on Science and Technology. I am D K Bhargav Achary, a science lover, computer researcher, and content creator. Well, this podcast is an attempt to make my Odia people love and learn about science and technology. Thanks for tuning in!

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Hello friends, Welcome back to BigGyaan, apananka Prathama Odia Science and Technology podcast.

Mu Bhargav Achary, apananka BigGyaan host.

Aji 10thDecember, 2020. Ajira BigGyaan updates re achi…

1. Google fully shuts down Play Music around the world

2. Understanding the origin of emotions using a video game

3. Apple patents a unique hinge design, could be for a foldable iPhone

4. YouTube will try to remind people to be decent human beings in the comments section

5. Facebook to remove misinformation about Covid vaccines

6. The 'holy grail' of volcano research

Aahuri bahut kichi achi… ajira episode tike lamba rahiba.. kahinki na bahut kichi majedaar jinisa achi katha habaku…

Chalantu detail re ajira BigGyaan Daily discuss kariba…

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