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An arts podcast inspiring romanticism in today's world by connecting with artisans, storytellers, musicians, naturalists, creators, and passionate people doing remarkable things. We feature guests in a laid-back setting with a live show on most Mondays, and the occasional Sunday. Check our social media accounts for the live stream, and announcements. Visit us online at Support us by becoming a Paid Subscriber:

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One of our favorite imaginatives, Wendy Ellertson joined us for an episode of whimsy, storytelling, and delight! Wendy's figures, crafted from leather, clay, and wood, defy easy categorization, embodying her deep connection to myth and storytelling. Wendy's journey as a visual storyteller and fine art creator artist for over fifty years is a fascinating one, and you too might decide like we did, to keep her around. Learn more about Wendy and her work at

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