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Each month on Future Stories, we bring you a little closer to the future of everyday life. Episode twelve: The Future Of Paying For Things. It’s time to do the weekly food shop. You sit down on the couch, strap a VR headset on, and browse the aisles of your local supermarket. Or maybe you feel like getting out of the house, so you head to the supermarket IRL, load up on dinner supplies, and walk out. No need to queue at the checkout - the scanners can tell exactly which items you have in the trolley, and your payment implant means you can pay with the wave of a hand. This month on Future Stories, Tracy Tough hears about the future of buying things: from VR and AR shopping, to biometric payments by eyeball, to the not-so-distant future of a digital Euro. Bought in? Join us as we look ahead to the future of paying for things. Brought to you by TheJournal.ie in partnership with Volkswagen. Narrator: Tracy Tough Editor: Tracy Tough Theme Music: Glenn Malone Additional Music and Mastering: Conan Wynne of Ambisonics Ireland Graphic Design: Orla Finn Contributors (in order): Bruce Burke, founder of #PAY Symposium & Exposition Reuben Godfrey, co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Ireland Audio of Philip Lane, copyright European Union 2019 - European Parliament. [http://www.europarl.europa.eu/ep-live/en/committees/video?event=20190226-0900-COMMITTEE-ECON]

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