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Concepts in Tamil (தமிழ்) | Technology Podcast in Tamil by Viz


Aim of this podcast is to explain various technical concepts in tamil ( tanglish? ) language நிறைய technology conceptsகளை நம்ம தமிழில் புரிஞ்சிக்க இந்த Podcastஐ subscribe பண்ணுங்க !!! தமிழ் வழியே Technologyக்குள் !!!!!

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On Feb 07, 2023 MS unveiled their latest drop on Bing search engine & Edge browser. On the same day, Nilay Patel (chief editor of The Verge Magazine) interviewed MS CEO Satya Nadella. I enjoyed watching that interview, with full of interesting questions & responses. In this episode, I'm summarizing some key moments that I liked and also present my own view points.

To watch the original interview in YT go here : .

To listen to the audio version, goto decoder podcast by Nilay : .

To watch my own YT video on All About ChatGPT where I discussed some related content, go here : 

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