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1000 Songs is a music discussion podcast produced and hosted by Rick Campbell, Jim Shedden, and Alan Zweig, with technical production by Lisa Santonato. Inspired by the Facebook Group [https://facebook.com/groups/1000Songs/] the podcast invites guests to discuss a song from popular music, broadly understood. Digressions and diversions are encouraged. Formed by Jim Shedden in 2007, the 1000 Songs Facebook Group attracted a large roster of regular contributors, with Zweig and Campbell being the most consistent and prolific, effectively becoming the co-authors, and lead characters.

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Jim Shedden, Alan Zweig, Rick Campbell, and Special Guest Veronique Beaudet discuss songs by The Temptations, The Mekons, Laura Nyro, and Kate Bush. Technical production by Forrest McAdam.

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