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Hi! Welcome to The Psychology Podcast hosted by me, Daniel Karim. In the Psychology Podcasts, I interview extraordinary people and pick their brains. I portray people who have an inspiring story to share that will help you to live a rich life yourself. The main focus of my interest is the psychology of a*s kicking. The goal is it to investigate and deconstruct happiness and success and explore what it takes to evolve as a person. This includes their favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, trade secrets, biohacks, and their ideas of happiness and success. Thanks for listening and enjoy The psychology podcast.

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The 23rd episode of the Psychology Podcast with Daniel Karim features Australian Behaviorist, Self-Help Author and Psychotherapist Claudia Soul. What is this episode about? What to do when a relationship falls apart How to move on after a meaningful relationship How to unlove someone What successful couples have in common How to escape the runner chaser dynamic How to stop messing up your own relationships

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