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Hi, Welcome to Soothing Pod Sleep Story for Grown Ups, dedicated to help you rest and sleep better 😴 With various bedtime stories from Romantic, Greek Mythology, Space Voyage, Educational, History, Classic Books and Popular Fairytale, Soothing Pod is a place where you can simply relax to prepare your mind for a good night's sleep. We are so proud to showcase the hard work of Soothing Pod's compassionate and creative team from script writers, composers, narrators, animator, editor and content maker :) We hope you enjoy our work and love them as much as we do ^^ Have a restful night with Soothing Pod 💙 Free Soothing Pod app on the Appstore :

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Dorian Gray is forever young, forever perfect, somehow keeps his youthful beauty eternally, but also forever cursed as a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde will gently guide you to a night of utterly peaceful and relaxing sleep. 

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