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Recipes for Your Best Life by Mareya Ibrahim

Mareya Ibrahim

Hi, I’m Mareya otherwise known as The Fit Foodie. I’m a chef, holistic nutritionist, author, inventor and mom. And I want to welcome you to my podcast. It’s called Recipes for Your Best Life and with every episode, I’m peeling back the onion on fitness, nutrition, health, wellness and family. The truth is, you’re the chef of your life, and for every important pillar, there’s a great recipe worth sharing. So every week, we’ll explore them together. Think of it as food for thought you can really sink your teeth into. So, join me, and let’s squeeze the joy out of this life! Can I get a Fork Yeah?

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 In this episode, Chef Mareya interviews Cori Sue Morris, founder of Retreat, exploring the benefits of microdosing with psychedelic mushrooms for well-being. They discuss the global mental health crisis and the shift towards natural alternatives. Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms offer increased joy, problem-solving, mood enhancement, and productivity. The interview demystifies these mushrooms, revealing their benefits for all. Welcome to "Recipes for Your Best Life," where food, health, and wellness intersect.

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