Dokyala Taap Nako - A Marathi Podcast

Dokyala Taap Nako - A Marathi Podcast by Priyanka, Shruti

Priyanka, Shruti

This podcast series is about two friends, Shruti and Priyanka who met in Germany during their masters. We both believe in spreading happiness, positivity and good vibes and would like to share some of our incidences which are full of craziness, fun, drama, emotions, unconditional love and an experience worth witnessing. In each episode, you will remember a new memory with your friend giving you a wonderful smile which will set a great weekend mood. Our every 5th episode is going to be about “Inspiration” where we will specifically name the segment as “You are a Hero bro!”. When we came up with this segment, we wanted to tell the story of that person who is not very famous that the world knows him/her but worth every hoot because of the things he/she has overcome and directed the life with the positive approach by finding a way out of blues and fighting back each time they felt small in this big fat world. We are here for you all by doing a bit from our side to make people around us feel that they are special. If you want any of your beloved ones to be celebrated in our special segment, do reach out to us at and we will do our best!

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It’s already the end of Season 2. We have come a long way in learning, enjoying, having laughter riots to feeling proud, doing what we love to do, giving chance to improve and most important keep going and never giving up! These were the best last three months with absolutely crazy schedules, dramatic challenges but still meeting the deadlines. It was all about having video episodes, getting dress-up, fixing lighting for the perfect shots, overwhelming responses and working out of our comfort zones. But as it is said, All is well that ends well!

We became crazier than before, laughed our hearts out while watching bloopers together on repeat every Friday midnight and realized how Podcast has become our stress buster. 

We will meet you all very soon till then enjoy Diwali, take care of yourself, watch our episodes if you haven't got time and stay tuned for more updates on our Social Media handles. And do not forget to share Happy Diwali!

Life is more about laughing your heart out and caring a little less. Keep going, it is the only drug that can keep you always high!

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