Carnatic Music Sing Along

Carnatic Music Sing Along by Vidya Devaraj

Vidya Devaraj

Welcome to my collection of audio recordings of Carnatic songs. I teach Carnatic Music classes in Plano, Frisco and Lewisville areas. Thank you for subscribing to and following my channel! If you are using these audios for self paced learning, here is the sequence to follow. 1. Sarali Varisai 2. Janta Varisai 3. Alankara Varisai 4. Geetham 5. Swarajathis 5. Varnams 6. Keerthanams At the time that you are reading this in case you are wondering why some of the sections are not visible, it is because my channel is a work in progress. I will be uploading more audios as I go.

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Saraswati Ragam Visit: for lyrics

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