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Based in Townsville, Australia, Andréas appreciates writing Blogs and do Podcasts on Medicine & Pharmacy related topics. He enjoys writing about his experience on different placements or on topics he seems to be interested in. As English is his second language, writing Blogs and Podcasting is a hobby as well as a challenge.

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It is quick, easy-to-use and is a structured method to describe, assess and observe your patient psychological functioning and mental state. At the end of the MSE, you should have a relatively detailed description of key aspects of your patient mental state which should be written in a concise and paragraph like manner. It should be mentioned that an MSE should be made every time the patient comes and see the consultant/clinician. This is particularly useful as a history of MSE can then be made and compared to one another. By doing so, we can notice if things are improving or declining as a whole or in each segment of the MSE. The MSE works hand in hand with the 4P factor model formulation; hence if you do both, you would a get a clear picture of your patient’s past and current life. This would allow the clinician to make a sound diagnosis, follow-ups, formulations and patient management for recovery. This includes the best course of action such as which therapy is needed, if medication needs to be started, if there is a need for referrals to certain support groups or specialists and so on. In a way, the MSE is the physical examination of the mind and is very useful, be sure to study and practise for a seamless and successful consultation!

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