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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Elevation Church led by Pastor Steven Furtick. To learn more visit our website at http://elevationchurch.org or download the Elevation App. To support this ministry and help us continue to reach people all around the world click here: http://ele.vc/TI55jR

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How could God ask us to have staying power in a place that feels hopeless? When what we really want to do is jump ship, it takes faith to stay.

From a Bible story in Acts 27 verses 13-44, Pastor Steven Furtick preaches this sermon to our global online family of Elevation Church about the importance of having staying power in the storm. God promised us He would never leave us or forsake us, so rather than jumping to other things to try to alleviate our pain, we need to stay faithful to Him in seasons of struggle. 

Pastor Steven talked about the power of praising God in the midst of the storm. Then, with a hopeful turn at the end of the message he alludes to the words of Jesus who on the day of pentecost told His disciples to, “stay in Jerusalem.” Pastor Steven explained as he brought the message to a powerful close that we need to stay in peace while we navigate our storms.

It’s not what I go through that determines where I end up, it's who I listen to. We pray that as you listen to the voice of God through this sermon you will find staying power in the storm.

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