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Welcome to the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, a podcast aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative, while connecting with quilters just like you. Join the staff of the magazines you love for a great episode filled with tips and tricks. This podcast is sponsored by Moda Fabrics and Baby Lock. Enjoy! Visit to see our complete podcast archives!

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On today's episode, we're sharing 5 things that may be zapping your creative energy -- it's an eye-opening episode! If you're having trouble starting a new project or feel stalled on the creative process, these common culprits could be causing the problem. Then, we're sharing stories of quilters making a difference in the communities, tips for getting the right border size on your projects, and the history of crazy quilts. We also chat with Heidi Staples of Fabric Mutt about on-the-go sewing and tips for choosing fabrics. For more resources from today's show, visit the show notes here. Take our podcast survey here.

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